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General Hunting, Shooting and Fishing links

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UK Wildfowling  

Chichester Harbour Wildfowlers Association

Eden Wildfowlers Association

Fenland Wildfowling Association

Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association

Keadby Wildfowl Conservation Society

Kent Wildfowl and Conservation Association

Langstone and District Wildfowl and Conservation Association

Leigh on Sea Wildfowlers Association

Alkborough Wildfowlers and Conservationists

Lough Foyle Wildfowl Association

Mourne Game and Wildfowl Conservation Association

Spalding Wildfowlers Association

Upper Forth Wildfowling Association

Wildfowling (Archive News Articles)

Quarry Identification (including .wav, .au, .aiff and mp3 sound files)

Irish Wildfowling

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World Wildfowling  



The Waterfowl Resource

Ducks Unlimited Inc.

Wildfowl Magazine

Duck Central




Internet Waterfowlers Association

Duckhunting Society

California Waterfowl Association

New Jersey Waterfowl Association

South Carolina Waterfowl Association

Colorado Waterfowl Association

Texas Duckhunters

Wide-Open Waterfowling

The Duck Hunters Boat Page

Lake St. Clair Waterfowler

Duck Hunting Australia

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Hunter's Shooting Association

Welsh Clay Target Shooting Association


Carlisle Small Arms Club


Country Pursuits Publications

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Pigeon Shooting

Pigeon Watch UK

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Committee Inquiry into Hunting with Dogs

Laws regarding Hunting/Shooting

Fishing and Hunting New Zealand

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Gun Trade Association

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Blount Sporting Equipment Group

Hodgdon Powder Co.

Sierra Bullets

Lyman Products

Winchester Ammunition

Dillon Precision


Clay and Game Reloaders

LEE Precision Inc. - Reloading Information

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Gun Manufacturers

Beretta (GMK)

Browning Guns

Kreighoff UK Service

Miroku Shotguns

Fabbri Home Page


Zoli Home Page

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Cartridge Manufacturers

Eley Hawk Ltd

Gamebore Cartridges

ITRI Supplier of tinshot

Lyalvale Express Cartridges

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Tideline Books

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UK Fieldsports Organisations

British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC)

Country Landowners Association

Sportsman's Association

Countryside Alliance

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UK Shooting Organisations


Southdown Sporting Gun Club

The British Shooting Sports Council

The Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain

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Clay Pigeon Organisations

Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA)

Clay Shooting Directory

Clay Shooting Magazine

Clay Pigeon Shoots Web Page

Club Clay Shooting

Clay Shooting.co.uk

Ancholme Valley Clay Target Club (North Lincs)

Abacus Clay Sports Index

Mendip Shooting Ground

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Clay Pigeon Trap Manufacturers

Pro-matic Traps

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US Shooting Sites


The Southern Outdoorsman

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UK Gunshops and Accessories

Avalon Guns

Chris Potter Guns

Essex Gun


Lakenheath Rod and Gun Club

Larry Scheetz Custom Stocks

High Lodge Shooting School

Parkford Shooting Centre (Clacton)

Teague Precision Chokes

J. S. Ramsbottom

Colchester Shooting Centre

Paul Barber (Gunsmith)


Attleborough Accessories

T. W. Chambers & Co (Gun and Riflemakers)

John Macnab

Nickson's of Caversham

Advantage Camoflage Europe

Chris Potter Guns

David Nickerson


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US Gunshops and Accessories

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Outdoors Organisations

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT)

International Goose Research Group

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Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

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Worldwide Information

African/Eurasian Waterbird Agreement

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Deer Shooting/Management

British Deer Society

Deer UK

Deer Commission for Scotland - Deer management and Conservation

UK Deer Act 1991

Planet Deer Hunter

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Online Books and Magazines

Clay Shooting Magazine

Text of 'Fowler in the Wild'

Voice of Shooting

The Book of Duck Decoys by Sir Ralph Payne Gallwey (1886)

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Gamekeepa Feeds

The Game Keeper - Hunting/Shooting/Fishing Gazette

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CLA Gamefair

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Hunting/Shooting/Fishing Bulletin Boards/Chat

UK goose and duck shooting forum

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Where to fish directory

UK Fishing World

UK Fisheries

UK Sea Fishing FAQ

Fish and Fly

Fly Fishing Trout and Salmon

Fishing UK

UK Fishing Report

Rods and Sods - The fishing Cyberworld

Fishing and Hunting New Zealand

Fishinguide.co.uk database of fishing related sites

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Theoben Home Page

Soft air, Crossman etc.

T. R. Robb

The Gun Shop, Rugby

Sporting Supplies

TAL Arms

Pyramyd Air



Total Airguns

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