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A Letter to Your Doctor

This is a suggested format which BASC recommends that you write out, keeping a copy


Dear Doctor .....

I am in the process of applying for the grant/renewal of my firearm/shotgun certificate and it is now a requirement that I give the police the name and address of my doctor.

It is possible that the police may contact you and ask you to provide factual details of my medical history. The Home Office has advised that that is all they may ask and that is all they have my signed authority for. They may under no circumstances have access to my medical records nor are they to ask you for an opinion on my suitability to possess firearms.

The Home Office has also said that the police should only need to contact doctors where there are genuine concerns about an applicant's health and that, if there is a charge for supplying the information, it must be paid for by the police.

Any request to you from the police will inevitably concern confidential, privileged and personal information. I would therefore be most grateful if you would copy to me any report that you make to the police and also keep me informed of the details of any other contact you have with them concerning my application.

Yours sincerely,



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